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Product Overview
Rotary Heat Exchanger
Product Catalogues
Rotary heat exchanger type RRU ECO
Overview Rotary Heat Exchanger
Sorption Rotor HUgo
with DekaTru® Coating Technology
High Performance rotor RRA
DekaTru® Coating Technology
Rotors for Paint Shops
Plugged Aluminium Profile Housing RRC
Software according "RLT-Richtlinie 01"
Certified Performance
Certificate of Product Ratings
Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets
Operating Manuals
Controller Micromax 1500
Manual controller Micromax 1500
for motor power up to 1500 W
Controller Micromax 750
Manual controller Micromax 750
for motor power up to 750 W
Controller Micromax 370
Manual controller Micromax 370
for motor power up to 370 W
Controller Micromax 180
Manual controller Micromax 180
for motor power up to 180 W
Controller Micromax 90
Manual controller Micromax
for motor power up to 90 W
General installation instructions, initial operation and maintenance
Controller KR4 and KR7
Controller KR2
Controller KR4 and KR7 Premium
Controller KR15
Controller AS2 Rotor Cleaning Device
Klingenburg PowerTwist link belting
Klingenburg PowerTwist installation video
Counterflow Plate Heat Exchanger
Product Catalogues
Counterflow Plate Heat Exchanger GS and GS-K
Crossflow Plate Heat Exchanger
Product Catalogues
Crossflow Plate Heat Exchanger PWT
Operating Manuals
Controller CERTO FU